Wooden House - Karee


Karee Interior

                               Wooden House - Apiesdoring

Aiesdoring - Interior



 Wooden House  - Haak en Steek



Olienhout Interior

 Wooden House  -  Olienhout


Haak en Steek Interior


Lapa, Boma, Braai area and Splash Pool



 Ablution facilities for Wooden Houses

Karee, Oienhout ,  Haak en Steek

Fully Equipped Kitchen  for Wooden Houses

Karee - Olienhout -Apiesoring - Haak en steek


Wooden House -  Berghuisie


Berghuisie Interior


Wooden House - Olyfboom

Olyfboom - Interior


Wooden House - Witstinkhout

Witstinkhout interior

Wooden house - Kiepersol

Kiiepersol - Interior


Wooden House - Jakaranda

Jakaranda - interior

Bush shower - Olyfboom, Berghuisie and Kiepersol



Lapa, Boma and braai area 

 Toilet sharing with Jakaranda and Apiesdoring

 Shower sharing with Jakaranda,Witstinkhout and Apiedoring